nature of man

yesterday’s photoshoot took a naked turn when model/friend (P) told me he wanted to be shot outside in the nude. i couldn’t say no since normally i shoot under-aged girls and it would land me in prison. he was game for walking around naked in a field close to my house which is quite brave considering all the creepy crawlies that are know to frequent said field. also we were still relatively close to people and one house in particular got one hell of a show if they were looking out the window. since i wasn’t prepared for it, P basically just pranced around and tried to channel the spirit of Ryan Mcginley. i tried to keep a straight face which was not always possible, he’s ridiculously expressive and hilarious. i think i managed to get a few decent shots. while i didn’t have a clear idea of what i wanted with the photos, i knew i wanted to keep it classy and not pornish in any way. i think the human body is incredible and love photos that are able to capture that without making it something sexual and distracting from the intent. hopefully i did it.

check them out after the jump

all photos © nathalie donado


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